Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No wifi at xtech 2007

What seemed to be a minor problem on Tuesday, now looks like a big problem: no wifi access on xtech 2007. If you lookup available connections you see that idealliance has a network up and running but when you approach the conference organizers and ask for the necessary credentials to be able to use the connection they say that they have a problem and that there is no wifi internet connection.

I payed for internet access via adsl at the hotel room (man!! 15 euros for every 24h!!) in order to be in touch with work, and for those who don't want to pay up there's a yoyo netowrk that is mostly up and sometimes has good connection that you can highjack (it doesn't seem to be using any security at all!!).

Hopefully, tomorrow morning and on Friday the organizers will have some wifi available for the many many nerds here that are in great need to feed their internet craving :-)

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