Saturday, December 15, 2007

A mention on Dr Dobb's Journal

I was doing a vanity search and found a mention in Dr Dobb's Journal. The mention is with regards to an ANSI C implementation of a Suffix Tree that Dotan Tsadok did under my supervision as his B.Sc. project at Haifa University.

Here is the link to the Dr. Dobb's Data Compression Newsletter Issue #46 - September 2003

Here is the quote (the link that was given there was indeed deprecated a few years later -- the code is available at the following URL

Another Suffix Tree
September 10, 2003

Just yesterday I ran a pointer to some Suffix Tree code, not a particularly common occurrence here. It just happens that yesterday's article gives much credit to a Suffix Tree implementation by Shlomo Yona, which is pointed to here.

Shlomo's code is designed as a library, and includes some sample code to drive it, as well as some Perl code to make it easier to exercise.

Get a copy while you can; these student Web sites on University servers come and go quickly.

Citation of my work on Hebrew language resources

I just read Characteristics of Prosodic Unit Boundaries in Spontaneous Spoken Hebrew: Perceptual and Acoustic Analysis, an M.A. thesis by Vered Silber Varod.

The website of the knowledge center for processing Hebrew is mentioned there with my name associated with its creation.