Friday, January 19, 2007


You can see some of the photographs that I take on my flickr account.
I update it occasionally.

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The picture you see was taken in my last visit to Istanbul in December 2006.

Patent idea

For a few months now, I'm playing with an idea to a new process that helps monitor QA's tests coverage. After sharing my idea, and its applications, to a few colleagues at work, I was encouraged to either publish an academic paper about it or submit it as a patent.

Since my employer doesn't support, as far as I know, academic publications, and since I already experienced the process of submitting research work for refereed conferences and journals, I feel ready to explore the process of filing for a patent.

I wrote a letter today to my manager and to the VP R&D that I report to. In that letter I enclosed a short description of the idea and its application. Let's see how it proceeds from there on.

Introducing my family

Michal and I go way back... we're together since high school. We went together to the Technion for our B.Sc. degrees, stayed in Haifa (Ne$er, to be exact) for a few more years (Aviv was born, Michal did her M.Sc. and I started mine).

Then we moved to Hod-Ha$aron and a year later Sivan was born.

Two and a half months before we moved to our current home, in Kfar-Yona, Nir was born.

In the picture you can see, from left to right, Sivan, Michal, Nir and Aviv. I am missing from the picture, as I was busy taking it... :-)

My first blog post

I wanted to start using a blog a while ago but I never got to do it... well, until now.

This blog will probably serve for a variety of things that I'm involved in, such as (but not limited to):

* Photography
* Gardening
* Perl programming, especially events related to
* Interesting links
* Occasional posts on my family

Let's see how it goes...