Saturday, May 19, 2007

Racalling a visit to XRCE in Grenoble, France

After recalling my visit to Trento for ESSLLI2002, I also recalled another visit to Europe that was related to my academic interests. In March 2002 I visited Xerox Research Centre Europe in Grenoble, France, and attended a Finite-State programming course, that was given by Ken Beesley. Dr. Beesley is currently at Inxight.

Recalling my visit to Trento in 2002

This is my last day in Paris and I'll be heading back home. I'm spending the rainy morning at the hotel surfing the web. I recalled my visit at the 14th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information , which took place in Trento, Italy in August 2002, which was also called ESSLLI2002. I took some pictures there with an old Olympus point and shoot with about 1 megapixel. Here's a link to the pictures: