Saturday, June 2, 2007

An interesting yet amusing view of writing job advertisements

I read an interesting and amusing post in use Perl about job advertisements

It says that you want to hire people that fit. It also says that the audience splits into the following four groups of people:
1. Those that qualify: have the necessary required skills and knowledge and that can do the job
2. Those who are unqualified and are honest about it
3. Those that think that they qualify but they don't
4. Those that do not qualify but are not honest about it and lie

This looks like a partition that should make life easy: you want to hire people from the first group and not from any other group.

Two problems are being raised:
One that those that qualify most probably already are working. This means that any advertisement targeted at them should be clear about why switching jobs is worth doing for them?
The second problem is that it is hard to filter out the people from groups 3 and 4.

The post further tries to give some advice about the proper way to advertise your "wanted ad".

I like that posting very much and enjoyed reading it.

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