Monday, June 18, 2007

What To See -- NLP and CL readings and a useful tool

Here's the abstract of a useful page I found on the web:

``I have a routine problem that sometimes paper titles are not enough to tell me what papers to read in recent conferences, and I often do not have time to read abstracts fully. This collection of scripts is designed to help alleviate the problem. Essentially, what it will do is compare what papers you like to cite with what new papers are citing. High overlap means the paper is probably relevant to you. Sure there are counter-examples, but overall I have found it useful (eg., it has suggested papers to me that are interesting that I would otherwise have missed). Of course, you should also read through titles since that is a somewhat orthogonal source of information. Here is how to use the system. You upload your personal bibtex file and have the system compare it to a known conference index; it will then present a list of papers, sorted by relevance.''


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