Monday, July 16, 2007 meeting for August 2007 -- meeting announcement

Here's the announcement for next month's meeting (Israeli Perl Mongers), that I just posted to

Subject: meeting for August 2007


The next meeting of will take place on Tuesday,
14/8/2007. Meeting starts at 18:30.

Gabor Szabo will talk about
"how test automation is done in various OS projects"
For details on the talk see:

We expect to start sometime between 18:30 and 19:00 and the
duration is expected to be 60-90 minutes.

Location: F5 Networks offices in Tel-Aviv: HaBarzel 24b,
entrance floor (follow the signs with the F5 logo on them).

* I'd appreciate help from other mongers to syndicate the
announcement on other lists/blogs/news/sites

Yuval Yaari has its 2nd part of the talk on regular
expressions "internals", and I hope that we will be able to
get some of that either before Gabor's talk or after.


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