Friday, December 14, 2007

Alcatel Launches XML Security Box

I just read Alcatel Launches XML Security Box, Searches for Software Partners and got curios: ha! yet another big-fish is going into the XML market. The press release on Alcatel's website, surprisingly, doesn't say much about neither web services related functionality in general or about XML in particular. So if you see the focus in XML as the article on Network Computing suggests, then Alcatel is also becoming a player in the XML market and should probably be listed in the list of players in the XML/WS market that I made in another post a while ago. If this is indeed the case or not -- let's wait and see.

An advantage, according to Andy Dornan from Network Computing is by specialized XML Software that is combined with XML hardware. This makes me wonder if indeed this special purpose XML hardware will beat the multi-purpose multi-core processors hardware.

Another advantage, according to Dornan, it that the appliance also includes identity management, service provisioning and a UDDI registry. F5 has Firepass which can probably contribute identity management functionality. F5's ASM is already integrated into BIGIP and TMOS, so load balancing and acceleration are already available, along with other functionality and products that F5 has to offer on the same appliance.

It is an interesting announcement. I'll stay tuned to see if more XML related information becomes available.

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