Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Understanding Shutter Speed" by Bryan Peterson

I wrote a book review for this latest title from photographer Bryan Peterson on Amazon:

Here's the link to the title itself on Amazon:

I already own previous titles from this author " Understanding Exposure", "Learning to See Creatively", " Beyond Portraiture" and " Understanding Digital Photography". This book is very similar: it contains great pictures as examples, it contains short text paragraphs that can be read and understood separately and it provides useful tips and examples.

It is unfortunate that some of the pictures are re-used from previous titles. This also happened in his previous titles. I fail to understand why Peterson does this. Being a photographer for so many years, he surely has enough photos available to be able to exemplify without such re-use of material.

Nonetheless, the pictures are AMAZING and worth alone buying the book. The tips are very useful.

I like the style very much and appreciate the fact that the text is short and without useless "filler text".

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