Sunday, February 13, 2011

כותבים על האלגוריתמים שפיתחתי באאוטבריין

האלגוריתמים של אאוטבריין שמוזכרים בכתבה Washington Post's Trove to personalize news הם פרי פיתוח שלי. יש כמה אי דיוקים בדיווח אבל נחמד לראות את זה מפורסם ככה.

הנה ציטוט הקטע הרלוונטי מהכתבה (תוספות הקישורים הן שלי):

Or it might reflect the algorithms used by content personalization engine Outbrain, which bought rival Surphace from AOL last week.  Outbrain uses a set of different algorithms to determine what a reader might want to see in terms of reading content, including contextual analysis (articles with the same content), collaborative data (“People who read this also read…”), popularity (most visited articles on the Web), and personalization (where the service cookies the reader to make recommendations based on previous behavior).  Recently, the company added two new algorithms: most clicked (prioritizing articles that are getting the highest click-through-rate) and social (finding the articles that are being shared the most on social networks).

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